Addis Ababa University Lobby and Video Conference Room Design

Client: Addis Ababa University Project: Revamping the lobby space and Designing a state of the art Video conferencing room
Lobby “Breaking the Monotony, yet Maintaining Harmony through the interplay of materials, colours and light.” Video Conferencing Room “Minimalist and Bold- a tasteful combination that doesn’t go out of style.”

ASER Design Competition: 3rd Prize

Client: ASER Construction Plc Project: Apartment Building
“Interwoven and Seamless transitions from the building skin to the interior spaces creating music of its own kind.”

Office Interior Design

Client: BD Consulting Project: Designing Leasable group and individual working spaces
‘Robust yet humble bamboo, bare concrete, bold contrasting colours - an intricate design symphony.”

Bet Lembosa Winners

Client: Ato Wondossen Project: Interior Design Competition for One Bedroom Apartment
Successful experimentation with “KOBA” or False Banana Leaves as a cladding material for custom-made lightweight furniture.

Design Competition

Client: Ato Fitsum G/Medhin Project: Mixed Use Building design
‘A Box with a Twist”

Sangam Restaurant

Client: Sangam Project: A restaurant design with an Indian theme.
Main Restaurant space

Avera Hotel

Client: Ato Girmay A holistic Interior design, including lobby, restaurant, bar, corridor and bedroom design.

Bamboo design works and experimentation

Furniture and accessory design
“As part of our affiliation and works with Caddis Bamboo we have done furniture and accessory design. Moreover we have done complete installations of bamboo partitioning walls and wall fixtures at FKLM, BD consulting, other offices and residence. Bamboo is used as a main material for products, interior and structural elements.”

Addis Ababa University, Black Lion e - Library

Client: Addis Ababa University State of the art e-library with an open plan stimulating visual, spatial and physical continuity

Paris riverside restaurant design competition

Organizer: “Wine, Dine and Recline” “A unique and versatile space that blurs the boundaries between enclosed and open spaces.”

St. Mary church

Client: Ethiopian Orthodox Church “Rooted in its ‘Ethiopian-ness’ yet iconic in its originality, the Church bears an identity resembling no other”

Adwa Design Competition – Top 3 finalists

Client: Ethiopian Science Academy Project: Adwa Memorial Museum: Gateway to Victory
Description: Aptly named, this museum is a gateway that transports one back to the actual battlegrounds at Adwa. Inspired by a Traditional Ethiopian Shield, the project is envisioned to represent the glory and monumentalism of the African Victory against colonialism.

Restaurant Interior Design

Client: Arirang Korean Restaurant PLC Project: Interior Design with Korean Theme
Description: “Warm and vibrant traditional interior with a play of textures, materials and light - a home away from home.”

Apartment Design

Client: Ato Hailu Wolde and W/ro Bizunesh Denbel Project: B+G+4 Apartment Building
Description: “Simplicity and modesty of our clients manifested in design”

Office Design

Client: FKLM

Harar Project

Apartment Design

Client: Ato Abdullahi Tawfiq Project: B+G+8 Apartment Building
Description: “Born out of a challenging site, the design adapts to create comfortable interiors with a symmetrical exterior bringing order, beauty and harmony.”

30 Projects at a Glance

Projects Accomplished -- Furniture design, Interior design, Residences, Apartments, Shopping complex, Museum, Church.